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Good morning Students

I am going to be taking a seminar out of the state and I will be absent for three days.  I am leaving the entire lesson for these three days here as Power Point Show.  You are to read each of the slide but you are not going to be able to change or modify any information here.  You will be using MS Word to do the assignments and the PPS will be your guide.   Please save all the assignment in your USB drive, because they will be part of the E-Portfolio that we are creating as part of the class' grade. 

Unit 5- Using Tables

At the end of these lessons, Students will be able to:

Create and Format Tables
Add Borders and Shading to Tables
Revise Table (Insert and Delete Rows and Columns, Change Cell Formats)
Modify Table Structure

Every day when you come to the classroom, after you write the AF and Learners Goal in your agenda, you going to click each of the links below.  They will take you to the lesson for the day.  You are not going to be able to go to the next one, once you are done with the first assignment.  You will have to wait to the next day to start the second assignment.  Remember I will be checking this website from far away.  I will see who entered to the website, so please open the link that will open in to a new window with the Power Point Show. 
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