Harrison Area Technology Center  
November 14, 2006

The semester is moving right along and it is time for some of you to get serious about studying for this class. 

Your newspaper terms projects were turned in yesterday.  Some of you missed the opportunity to really help your grade.  You had nine weeks to complete this project, and several days were allocated in class to do this.  Newspapers were provided for you, as well as other supplies.  I am disappointed that most of you did not step up and really excel in this endeavor.

We are now studying contracts and will be doing so for several weeks, well into the first of the new year.

We will be also be making our trip to District Court very soon.

Let's finish out this semester strong.  Study!   Do Homework!

Mrs. Whitaker

For two extra credit points, give me the name of the current District Judge for Harrison County.
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