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This page is devoted to the production of interactive learning exercizes for students of behavior modification.  The games have been developed by the Fall Behavior Modification Class at Metropolitan Community College in fulfillment of their term project requirements.

We are hoping that we will all get an A in the class :)

Authors indlude:  Debra Scott, Jennie Hill, Laura Givens, Velida Breakfield, Kelly Koos, Cher, Chris Miller, Tom Housh, Dubsky, Mollie Destefano, Blaine Moller, Dianne Rudd, Dawn Kinnear, Jo Runde, and Dionne Warwick (en absentia).

If anyone has any suggestions about room cleaning by teenagers, please forward them to

Thanks Denny for subbing!

Kyle, please let Stacee out of the headlock!!!!!
They are still locking...

What about BOB?

Deb Scott's Birthday is Jan 15th.  Send all gifts to this web address.

This is the last day of class, we would like to say that we learned a lot about behavior modification and we know what negative reinforcement is!
Remember Avoidance and Escape
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Positive Reinforcement
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