bmsfrost Ms. Gutoski
  7th Grade Language Arts
Hello students!  

Throughout the school year, we will be dropping in on the life of Robert Frost and his poetry.  Your goal today is to familiarize yourself with aspects of Robert Frost's life in Derry, New Hampshire.  Complete the following tasks.

Task #1
Visit the following three sites and read all about Robert Frost's life and his farm in Derry.

Task #2
Write an eight sentence paragraph on some aspect of either
Frost's farm or Frost's life.

After the paragraph include a bibliography for each site you use.

Your paragraph should contain a topic sentence at the beginning, supporting details, and a clincher sentence.

Today's writing will be a rough draft.  Later, after revising, your final draft will be graded on the following points:
 1.  The topic sentence contains a specific subject
        plus a feeling or attitude.
2.  How well do the supporting details support the
        topic sentence?
3.  How well are the details organized?
4.  Are the word choice and sentence structure your
        own words?
5.  Are the sources of information you used documented
        using the format shared in class?

Plagiarism reminder:  Using someone else's words or word order is against the law.  Always relate ideas using your own ideas.
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