Abingdon High School Biology teacher/ Science Department Chair

To tell you a little about myself, I have a BS in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Secondary Education from King College in Bristol, TN and a MS in Biology Education from Radford University. I teach as an adjunct Biology Professor at VHCC as well. This will be my 14th year teaching and I am looking forward to a fun and exciting year in biology class!

Course Description: In biology, students observe and analyze the characteristic properties of living organisms, including becoming familiar with homeostatic functions, exploring cellular structure and function and mechanisms of transport within cells, classifying organisms, and surveying the kingdoms of living organisms. Students utilize critical thinking skills to develop a greater appreciation of life and mans role in preserving life and the environment. They also analyze the cause and effect of the physical of the physical environment on the health and well-being of organisms, as well as develop skills in the application of proper laboratory techniques and safety. Components of this aspect of the course include microscopy, use of dissection instruments, and handling of laboratory chemicals and specimens. There will be six weeks projects assigned in the Honors courses, and there will also be occasional projects in the general Biology I courses.

Our Biology Textbook is linked to itext available online. So anything in your book you can access at home with the internet. the link is on the secondary resource page under online textbook for biology.

Honors Biology I Syllabus

Biology I Syllabus

Cell Organelle Project Resources

Classification Study Guide Form

Construct a Cladogram Activity

Click here for the Washington County Pacing Guide for Biology
online textbook link is below:
Login: ahsbio password: abingdon
My Quia activities and quizzes
CCHS Biology Ch 1
Chapter 1 Review
Chemistry of Life
Vocabulary Review for Chapter 2
Atoms, Molecules & Life
Chapter 2 Review Game
The Biosphere
Ch. 3 Review Game
Populations and Communities
Ch. 4 & 5 Review
Interactions and Ecosystems
Ch. 4 Review
Ch. 4 Review
Inside the Cell
Review of cell structure and function game
Cell Structure
Review Cell structure
Cell Part Vocabulary
Review cell part vocabulary!
7-3 Cell Boundaries
Mitosis: A Stage of the Cell Cycle
Cell Cycle Battleship
Intro to Genetics and Heredity
Genetics Battleship
Photosynthesis and Respiration
Really Fun Game on Photosynthesis(by TM)
Chapter 9 "Cellular Respiration"
Cell Division Mitosis
Cell Structure
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