bnunnally Mrs. Nunnally
Sprayberry High School LSS
After school tutoring assistance is offered every Monday through Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. in Room 404. Computer assistance is also available for those needing to do research-related work. 

Additional tutoring is available through each Department by appointment before school and during lunch periods.  Students need to see their teachers to sign-up for assistance. 

Parents are encouraged to assist their students in cleaning out their bookbags and organizing their papers and notebooks weekly.  This will aid their student in being able to retrieve homework and other papers when they are due.  We also suggest that you highly encourage your child to use assignment sheets or a planner to aid them in staying on task and being better prepared for school.  Check the planners/sheets each evening to see that your student is completing his/her work. 

Set aside a homework hour in a quiet place without distractions such as a television, telephone, or CD player.
Keep school materials available in this area so that the student will not have to leave in order to complete work/projects.

Review progress reports and reports cards that are sent home by the school every three weeks:
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