boatrightbrains Mrs. "B"
Pineville Elementary THIRD GRADE TEACHER

Please join us on January 28 to celebrate the publications of the writers in our classroom.  They have been so busy with the writing process. We will be having lunch in the classroom and sharing the published pieces. We will meet in the class at our lunch time (12:10) and browse, read, and share during this time.  Feel free to bring your lunch and your child's lunch too,if you like.  We hope you can come!

I spent some time instructing the children how to collect information for the black history reports. I also collaborated with the media specialist to help with finding additonal resources for the project.  The students will research a famous black American, dress as him/her and parents will be invited to our "Wax Museum" to learn about these special people. The Wax Museum will be on February 22.  We will begin at 11:00.  More information will come as we get closer to the due date.

I will begin after school tutoring (free of charge) on Feb. 18.  I will focus on Reading on Mondays and Math on Tuesdays to better prepare the students for the End-of-Grade Test.  I will begin at 2:00 and end at 3:00.  Please let me know if you are interested.  If you are, you will need to provide transportation and promptly pick your child up at 3:00.

Have an especially bright child?  Check out the sites below coded "gifted".  They are meant for the gifted kids and parents.

Since we are studying the following topics right now, I have added links at the bottom of this page as additional resources that might be fun/useful for the Boatright Brains!

        Social Studies:  Black History and Biographies
        Writing:  Using the writing process to publish
                  (Some students are writing newspapers     so the cartoon link might be fun to visit.)
        Reading:  Imagination theme...reading about Picasso
        Math:  Reviewing time and multiplication.  Starting fractions.  Finishing geometry
        Science:  Soil
Useful links
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