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Hi!  Welcome to my web page!  I am assuming you are one of my friends, but if you have no clue who the heck I am (well, you know my name because it's written on this page) greetings from the dorks, nerds, freaks, weirdos, and normal people of the world.

Hey everyone!  Well, the world didn't explode like I wanted it to.  Also the phone lines didn't go out (even though I did my share to try and make that happen).
Well, back to business.
Some things going on are:)

-I have finally changed the site.  Aren't you proud of me?
-Tephi has a web page, in case you didn't know.  It's at (I think)
-For Tephi's information, I DID spell Bryan's name right, so HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-PsycoChic is Michelle, if anyone wants to know.
-The Jazz Band Festival is in February, if any wants to come (at least I think you can come).
-Does anyone know when the Island Lake Carnival is?  If it already happen, I going to be VERY MAD!!!
-Does any one want a half dissected crayfish?  If so, notify me immediatly
-Hi to any person I have not mentioned, and that means hi to people who are not on this list: Tephi, Kristen, Bethie, Sandy and her poofy hair, Izzy, the PsycoChic, Jennie, Frannie, Kelley, and Hannah!!!!

If you have anything you want to tell me about my website or want me to post anything in here, e-mail me at  I screwed up my address when I made this, so if my e-mail address is written anywhere else, it's WRONG!

P.S.  If you know of any cool web sites, tell me the address and I'll add it to the links.

P.P.S. This is now copyrighted, so it is illegal to COPY IT (Tephi, I'm talking to YOU)
Copyright 1999
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