Cell Storybook/Sell Project
Minerva DeLand School Media Specialist
Hi Everyone!

You are being offered a choice for your Biology Honors project. You may choose...

A) The Cell Storybook project - In this project you will work with a partner to develop a children's storybook about cells and their parts. To view the assignment, click here. Please carefully review the rubric.

For cool book format ideas, check out the thinkquest link provided below.

B) The Sell a Cell project - In this project you are going to work with a partner to do three things: Collect information about a cell organelle; build the organelle; and, set up an infomercial to convince us to buy your cell part. Here you can find your Sell a Cell assignment.The project rubrics are here.

Remember to login to Destiny (link below) in order to see the appropriate web sites and one search articles available. Keep track of your resources because you must include a bibliography (in the correct format, of course), with at least three sources cited. Use the citation help on Destiny Follett or EasyBib (link below) for assistance. You can access Easybib, register (if you have not done so already) or login. You will be using your school e-mail which is your student login @fairport.monroe.edu and your login password. Once you are registered on EasyBib you will be able to save multiple bibliographies. Librarians are waiting to assist you.

Remember to fill out the form - use the last link below.

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