How to Make a Book Report Sandwich
Reports are due Monday 11/26/02. 

Book Reports are due next Monday.  Tonight for homework, you will write the rough draft for the lettuce and tomato part of your book report.  Tomorrow in class, we will peer edit what you have written.  We will work on this book report every day this week in class, so it is very important that you keep up with each night’s assignment.  Write your rough draft on plain notebook paper (skipping lines) for now. I will give you the paper that you will write your final draft of the book report later this week. 

Top Slice of Bread: Write the title and the author of the book.   Don’t forget to capitalize the title properly.

Lettuce: Write a brief summary of your book.  In one paragraph, tell me what your book is about. (Homework for Monday night)

Tomato Slice:  Write about the main character.  Describe your character to me so that I can picture in my mind what the main character looks and acts like. (Homework for Monday night)

Mayonnaise:  Describe the book’s setting. (When and where did the story take place?) Homework for Tuesday night.

Swiss Cheese:  What is the climax (turning point) of the story?  The climax is the most exciting, cliffhanging, nail-biting part of the book.  The climax occurs near the very end of the book. Homework for Tuesday night.

Lunchmeat:  Describe the plot.  In other words, what happened in your book and why.  You may write on the back of your lunchmeat if you need more space.  Homework for Wednesday night.

Bottom slice of Bread:  Draw your favorite scene from the story. Homework for Thursday night.

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