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Laconia High School Basic English 9-12 Teacher
Dear students,
Now that you have finished your book, it's time to share it with your classmates.There are a few different parts to this assignment. Some you will do on the computer, others you will need to complete with pen and paper at your desk.

First, you will need to read some sample book reviews on the websights posted below. (Don't print the pages; I have copies available for you to refer to at your desk.) After you have read some of the samples, return to your desk and write a review of your book with pencil and paper.

When you have "finished" your writing, let me take a look at it before you return to the computer.

After your writing has been checked, see me for your floppy disk. Return to the computer, insert your disk and open the "newsletter" icon. Type your title in the headline space. Insert a clip art in the space provided. Type your summary in the left box. Type your review in the right box. Enter one more clip art in the space provided. Save your work and raise your hand to let me know you've completed this part of the assignment.

After all of the above have been completed, schedule a conference with me to go over your work before you present it to the class.

Have fun!
Ms. Daniszewski
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