Patrick Henry High School Math Teacher
1st Period:
Jan 6: Notes on establishing identities.

3rd Period:
Jan. 6: Notes on establishing identities.

*  In trigonometry, students should have concepts outlined in the Algebra II SOL's.  Trigonometry includes the study of trigonometric definitions, applications, and graphing, as well as solving trigonometric equations and inequalities.  Emphasis is placed on using connections between right triangle ratios and trigonometric functions and circular functions.  Applications are utilized.  An emphasis is placed on oral and written communication concerning the language of mathematics, logic of procedure, and interpretation of results.  In mathematical analysis, students' knowledge of function characteristics is extended, and they are introduced to another mode of mathematical reasoning.  Students should have mastered Algebra II concepts and have had an exposure to trigonometry.  The content of mathematical analysis serves as an appropriate preparation for calculus.

*  The graphics calculator, textbook, and supplemental textbooks are the major resources.

*   Evaluation methods include written tests, exam, quizzes, projects, group work, and class participation

 Supplies:  Pencils, paper, scientific calculator with fraction capabilities, a folder or binder to keep handouts organized.

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