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Welcome to the Social Studies Website for the 7th grade students at Mill Creek Middle School. This site is designed for students to practice their knowledge of social studies vocabulary and concepts with fun and easy to play games.

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Mrs. Selecman
My Quia activities and quizzes
First Presidents- Vocabulary and Events
First Presidents- Federalists or Republicans??
The Constitution- The Constitution and Our Government
The Constitution- Goals or Principles?
The Constitution- Legislative Branch Vocabulary
The Constitution- Executive Branch
The Constitution- Articles III-VII
The Constitution- The Bill of Rights
The Constitution- Government Vocabulary
A New Government- Jeopardy
A New Government- Federalism!
A New Government- Ch. 7 Vocabulary
A New Government- Separation of Powers!
Revolutionary War- Famous People
Revolutionary War- Famous Battles
Revolutionary War- Vocabulary
Revolutionary War- Patriots or British?
The Road to Revolution- Acts and Proclamations
The Road to Revolution- Famous People and Important Terms
French & Indian War- England vs. France
Colonial Times- Famous People
Colonial Times-Vocabulary
Colonial Times- 13 Colonies Trivia
The First 16 Presidents-Trivia
The War of 1812 and Relations in Europe
The First 16 Presidents-Timeline
New US Territories
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