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Valley View Middle School 8th Grade English

I.    Create A Utopian World (similar to The Giver)
II.   Quiz
III.  Vocabulary Games (extra credit)

I.    Create A Utopian World

1.  Get into groups of four:
a.  The Receiver of Memory
b.  Chief Elder
c.  Committee
d.  Recorder

The Receiver of Memory will act as dictator, king or president.  The Chief Elder will act as director.  The Committee will act as the committee who finds the rules and regulations.  The recorder will record everything in Works document.  The group, as a whole, will work together to synthesize their ideas to create a utopia (perfect, orderly world).

2. Set Rules and Regulations:  The group needs to set their worlds' rules and regulations (similar to The Giver , for example:  birthdays, jobs, when someone receives things; like bikes, jackets, haircuts, etc.)  The group needs to have at least 10 rules.
3. Find Picture:  Find a picture on the internet that describes, depicts your world.  Print the picture.
4. Name Groups World:  Group needs to synthesize a name depicting groups world (relating the name to your rules and picture-it has to connect or go together with everything the group has put together).

The group must work together.   While the recorder is typing in the Works document, the rules and regulations, the others should be scanning the internet for a picture to go with their serene utopian world, so when group finds picture, the recorder can easily access it from their computer to cut and paste it to their Works document.  Be very creative.  This is due at the end of period, if you can not print, save and e-mail document to me at:

Good luck!!

II:  Take Quiz

III:  Vocabulary games
My Quia activities and quizzes
The Giver
Take this quiz at the end of the period
Try these games to enhance your vocabulary
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