boston Mrs. Boston
Delmae Heights Elementary School 4th grade teacher
Hi Students,  

   Activities  and Lessons for the week of Jan. 18 - 21, 2000 are listed below.

Story Of The Week:
Tested Reading Voc. Words:  stampede, volcano, erupts, lava, exhaustion, interrupted

Skills:  Drawing Conclusions, Following Directions, Reference Sources

Grammar:  Adjectives- Comparatives
Writing:  Descriptive Paragraph, Daily Journal
Multiplication and Division Facts
Act it Out
Chapter 5 - Geometry

S. Studies
Unit: Japan
     Map Skills    

Quizzes and Tests
Jan. 20   Chapter 3 Retest
Jan. 21   EOS Test - Voc. Quiz  

My Quia activities and quizzes
Vocabulary Match
Unit 2 Voc. Review
Voc. Match 2
Unit 3 Voc. Review
Voc. review
Reading Voc. Review
Rdg. Voc Review 3
Rdg. Voc. Review 3
Jumanjii Voc. Review
Jumanjii voc. review
Useful links
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