boston4 Mrs. Boston
Delmae Heights Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher
Welcome to Mrs. Boston's Grade 4!

Below is a list of special topics we're studying this week and class assignments.

Reading:  Reference Sources
         Active Reading Strategies
         Analyzing Details
         Setting A Purpose
         Context Clues
         Making Predictions  
Reading Voc.- election, concentrate, campaign,  
            qualities, candidate, suggestions, admission
English- Simple and Compound Sentences
        Subjects and Predicates
Math - Place Value
      Multiplication and Division
      Estimating and Rounding
Spelling Strategies- ew/ime/oot   un/ale/ay patterns
                    What Looks Right? bite/fight  
Core Words: action, calendar, damage, narrow, plastic
Writing: Fall Rhymes
Science: Organisms and the Environment
Sept. 6- Multiplication and Timed Test
Sept. 7- Voc. Quiz
Sept. 8- EOS Test
Sept.  8 - $4.95 due for Science Weekly
My Quia activities and quizzes
Voc. Practice
Class President Voc. Pactice
Useful links
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