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Western Hills High School  
Class Rules:

1. Students are NOT to bring into the classroom any type of computer disk or media. This includes Floppy Disks, Zip Disks, Jazz Disks, CD Roms, and Music CD’s. Any of these items found to be in the classroom without the instructor’s permission will be confiscated and become the property of the Technology Education Department of WHHS. It does not matter if the disk is from another teacher or class in the building. The instructor reserves the right to dispose of these items as he or she sees fit.

2. Hacking, or working your way around any security protocols, or tampering with computer settings is strictly prohibited. Students found to be engaged in these practices will be subject to disciplinary action which may include restitution to the district for the time required to make repairs to the system. Students engaged in these practices may also be removed from the class.

3. Students are NOT to bring Food, Drinks, Candy, or Gum into the classroom except when specifically instructed to do so by the instructor. The only time that students are allowed to bring these items into the room is during tutoring at lunch. During that time, students are allowed to bring their lunch to the room but must keep it away from the computers and other equipment.

4. Behavior that keeps the instructor from teaching, or the other students from learning will not be tolerated.

5. Students that damage equipment or the facilities through maliciousness or gross negligence will be held financially responsible for the damage.

6. Clean up your own work area. Nobody in the class will be dismissed until the entire classroom is cleaned up and put back into order.

7. Class begins when the bell rings and is dismissed by the instructor. No one is to talk during the first ten minutes of the period. The bell DOES NOT dismiss the class. All students must be at their workstations before the class is dismissed.

8. Backpacks and book bags are to be dropped off in the area indicated by the instructor. Under no circumstances are students to take book bags or backpacks to their computers. If you are not comfortable with leaving your possessions like this, do not bring them to class.

9. Always have your supplies in class. Bring your own supplies. Take responsibility for yourself.

10. If you do not know how to use a piece of equipment, then ask for help. If something is not yours, then do not use it.

11. DO NOT play games on or browse the Internet without permission. You must get permission to browse the Internet or to go to any site other than those specified in the curriculum or by the instructor. If you do and get caught, you will loose your Internet privileges. You will then have to come to tutoring to take your exams.

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