bowie3bain Mrs. Bain
Bowie Elementary 3rd grade teacher
November 13-17, 2000
Public School Week

Monday:  Hat Day!

Singular Possessive Nouns
Eng. Book page 81/15-24

Facts and Nonfacts
Write a paragraph about how Pilgrim children felt when they left their home in England.  The paragraph must include a main idea (example: Pilgrim children faced many different feelings when they left their home in England to sail to America.) 2 facts and 2 opinions.

Tuesday: Bandana Day!

Singular Posessive Nouns
Eng. Book page 83/19-30

Facts and Nonfacts
Write a narrative telling what the Indian children observed as they watched the strange Pilgrim children build and move into the settlements.  Use your Indian and Pilgrim Comparison Chart.

Wednesday: Crazy Socks or Tights

Singular Posessive Noun Test

Write a final copy of the narrative about "Helping the Poor" that we started in class last week.

Thursday: Dress as a Favorite Book Character

Complete the "Facts and Nonfacts Scavenger Hunt."  Complete the list of items to found on the worksheet.  All items my be found in newspapers, magazines, catalogues, and etc. 

Friday: Blue and Gold Day
Grandparents' Tea will be held on Friday, November 17th at 1:00 P.M.

Have a GREAT weekend!
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