Boyce French: Grade 6
Boyce Middle School Boyce French Teacher
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Bonjour! Tu parles français?

If you don't...

... you soon will!

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Some things to look forward to:

International Education Week: novembre
Saint Nicolas: décembre
Holiday Song Fest: décembre
Carnaval: février ou mars

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Individual Class Sites for Graded Activities:

Densmore/Gombar Graded Assignments
Goelz/Myron Graded Assignments

Hamel/Gehrlein Graded Assignments
Garvey/Clark Graded Assignments
O'Roark/Yoder Graded Assignments
Sully/Schaffer Graded Assignments

My Quia activities and quizzes
Basic French Vocabulary
Battleship - Basic French Review
Battleship: Les numéros 1-60
Hangman: Nationalities
Jeopardy: Basic French Practice
Jeopardy: Greetings, Nationalities, Numbers
Jeopardy: Nationalities, Greetings, Numbers
Millionaire: Les nationalités
Multiple Games: Nationalities & Greetings
Win Euro Coins!: Family Culture
Win Euro Coins!: La Famille
Try to win a million smackers! Oh là là!: Famille et Copains
Unité 2, Leçon 5 - Copain ou Copine
Win Euro Coins: Numbers 1-100
Who wants to be a millionaire: les dates
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