boyerbunch Mrs. Boyer
St. Patrick's Fourth Grade Teacher

Welcome to the Boyer Bunch Web site!

I'm glad you took the time to check us out.
Here you can find homework updates, test dates, any
field trip information, and other important items.
To hear an adorable little girl sing a sweet song, go to is a great way to donate FREE food to
starving children of the world, and also do a little bit of
continent identification!

For fun, try out for crafts and games.

Our rats, Scooter and Squealer are doing great!  They are
both eating healthy foods now and we are learning to do the
same thing!  These next 4 to 5 years are VERY important for
the formation of bones and teeth for fourth graders, so
making healthy choices now is important for your future!

Mrs. Michalski is here and has taken over the classroom.
You have all done a wonderful job of making her feel
welcomed and she is having fun coming to work with you!

In Math, we are finished with Kansas State Assessments,
and are doing "Mathletics" activities with Mrs. Boyer.

E-mail the teacher(at the top of the page)and show me who is checking our website!
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