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For English III:
Students test over "The Crucible" on Thursday, 9/14/00. 

9/18-9/22  we will be working in class on "pre-research" activities, such as bib. cards and documentation format.  The students will have a test on 9/22 over research terms.

From 9/25-9/29 the students will be in the library working on individual research projects.  They will have assignments due daily.

The students will work on their essays in class 10/2-10/4.
Due on the 12th!!!

10/5:  introduction to Poe unit

10/9 -10/10 HOLIDAYS

10/11-10/16 Poe Unit

10/18 Poe EXAM! 

10/19-10/20  Group work on Poe project

10/23-24  Presentation of projects

10/25-27 Whitman and his poems; quiz on 10/27

For English IV:

The students are taking notes on 9/12-13th and will have an exam on those notes on 9/18!!  Be prepared!

Students will receive handouts for formal "Honor" essay which will be due on 9/26

Students begin Canterbury Tales on 9/26.
Voc. Quiz for week one: 9/29 Voc. Quiz for week two
EXAM:  Canterbury Tales...a BIG one!!!

10/9-10/10 HOLIDAYS

10/11-10/12 Read two tales...quiz on 10/13.
(Homecoming weekend)

10/16/-10/20  Library for research.
10/27 end of the 2nd six weeks!
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