Latin 7
Independence Middle School Latin teacher
My Quia activities and quizzes
A fantastic linguistic challenge!
an activity practicing case endings; for 7th or 8th grade
noun cases
a review of nouns and their cases; late 7th or 8th grade
Probatio Ultima: Latin 7
final exam practice test 7th grade
Present and past
includes 7th grade vocabulary
past and present tenses
more verbs
Quo modo? (In what way?)
Plura de Bello Troiano
prepositions, clause words & adverbs
a review of words without endings; 7th or 8th grade
a review of active voice verb; late 7th or 8th grade
Certamen magnum
a general knowlege game; 7th or 8th grade
Roman numerals
practicing Roman numerals; 7th or 8th grade
prepositions and their objects
practice matching prepositions to their proper objects; late 7th grade or 8th grade
NEW! a thrilling vocabulary challenge
1st and 2nd conjugation verbs
basic verb conjugation
basic verb conjugation for beginning students
What do you know about Great Carthage?
a trivia game about Rome's great rival
advanced verb battleship
practice verb forms while doing damage to your enemy
basic vocabulary matching
for lessons 1 and 2
preposition vocabulary
practice common prepositions
matching: basic verb forms
practice basic verb forms
first and second declension endings
match masculine to feminine endings
Monstra de Mythologiā
Do you know these monsters?
Little Latin Phrases
Mythology Challenge
Which ending fits?
Choose the correct noun as a girl and her dolls seek order in their world.
Trojan trivia
Apollo's women
battleship "to be"
third declension matching
Latin sayings in English
Subject/verb agreement
Abbreviations from Latin
midterm review; 7th grade latin
Verba Nova: 7th grade
passive forms and other verb things
Roman Trivia Quiz
mythology trivia competition
gender agreement
forms of "sum" matching
Third Conjugation Challenge
qui terminus est?
Genitive Wars
Navis Belli!
Verb Tenses
which endings for the prepositions?
Tempora Verborum
Quod Tempus est? Quis est subiectivus?
Dei et Deae
Verb tenses: present and past tense bases
Quae pictura est?
probatio ultima Latin 7 pars secunda
Certamen Latinum
Quae pictura est? pars secunda.
Unus et duo
Quod verbum est optimum?
Present and Future tense quiz
basic classroom vocabulary: 7th grade Latin
*Beginning Subject verb agreement*
Cui est?
Verba: Tempus Praesens
Quiz on Latin Nouns
Bellum Troianum
Present and past
Numeri Unus ad Decem
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