Thomas A. Blake Middle School Foreign language teacher

The weather outside has become very warm and summer is fully upon us. 

We have finished the first year of French together.  Everybody did a great job!  Enjoy your summer and I can't wait to see you in September.

For all of the new seventh graders, welcome and I am looking forward to a new year together.  We will be learning more French this year.  We will be discovering places that speak French and the traditions of different French speaking countries.  We will have lots of fun learning new things.

Au revoir!

Here is a picture of Paris, the capital of France and a beautiful city.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Preliminary Chapter Accents
Preliminary Chapter Numbers 0-20
Preliminary Chapter Instructions
En Avant! Vocab 1.1
En Avant! Practicing Vocab 1.1
En Avant! Vocab 1.2
En Avant! Vocab. 1.3
En Avant! 1.3 : Subject Pronouns
En Avant! 1.3: Er Verbs
En Avant! 1.3: The Verb Aimer
En Avant Chapter 1 sec 1.3 review
En Avant! Vocab. 2.1
En Avant! Vocab 2.2
En Avant! 2.2: The Verb Avoir
En Avant! 2.2: Practicing the verb avoir
En Avant,Chapter 2.2 More work with avoir
En Avant! 2.2 numbers 21-59
En Avant! Vocab 2.3
En Avant! Vocab 3.1
En Avant 3.1 vocab 2
Chapter 3 Indefinite Articles
En Avant! Vocab 3.2
En Avant! 3.2: Practicing Colors
En Avant Vocab 3.3
En Avant! 3.3: Numbers 60 +
En Avant! Chapter 3 Review
En Avant Ch3 Vocab 3-1/3-2 review
En Avant! Vocab 4.1
En Avant! Vocab 4.2
En Avant! 4.2: The Verb Faire
En Avant! 4.2: The Verb Jouer
En Avant! Vocab 4.3
En Avant! 4.3: Practicing Adverbs of Frequency
En Avant! Vocab 5.2
En Avant! Vocab 5.1
En Avant! 5.1: The Verb Prendre
En Avant! Vocab 5.3
En Avant! Vocab 6.1
En Avant! 6.1: The Verb Aller
En Avant! Vocab 6.2
En Avant! Vocab 6.3
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