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The most important thing you can do for your child is to read to him a few minutes each day.  Make reading a cozy, relaxing time for both of you.  Perhaps skip a t.v. program that you don't especially like anyway (many are really bad!)  or put off dishes until later..and cuddle up with a fluffy blanket and a stuffed animal and a few books.  
Let your child be your guide. Does he want to look at the pictures and make up his own make-believe story?  Fun!
Does he want you to make up a story?  Fun!
Does he want you to read the same story over and over using your "silly bear" voice?  Fun!

The point is that this should be a fun time.  When he is ready to listen to the story just read to him and giggle about the funny parts.  When he is ready to read words here and there (after much repeating), that is a step forward.  When he is ready to point to the words as you read, that's progress. One day soon he will take a book that you have read a million times and read words as he points.  Maybe he's memorized it..that's ok.  Little by little you can teach him a valuable lesson..that reading is a fun, rewarding activity to share.  

Be sure you have easy books with large print and pictures.  The library has plenty.  Also, I have a library of appropriate books that may be checked out by parents.

Happy reading,
Brenda Murphy
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