Pequenakonck Elementary School Fourth Grade

June 11, 2011

At long last the 4th grade students have completed all of the NYS Testing. It has been a long haul and everyone is glad that they are over so we can enjoy the remainder of the school year.

On Monday we are looking forward to Field Day and the Student Council pizza luncheon and DJ. It looks like the weather will cooperate! Students should wear their field day T-shirts if they purchased one and also, it is recommended to bring a beach towel to sit on at lunch. Water for field day is also suggested.

On Wednesday, all the 4th grade classes are off to Ellis Island. Your child should have brought home a letter this past Thursday explaining all the details of the trip.

In class we are reading Letters From Rifka, the story of a family immigrating to America. It is a wonderful book and the children seem to be enjoying it. They are also beginning to understand the challenges that the immigrants faced upon arriving in America.

Below is the schedule for our class specials which are held daily from 9:30-10:10AM.

"A" Day - Music

"B" Day - Gym

"C" Day - Art

"D" Day - Art

"E" Day - Gym

"F" Day - Gym

Library Class is on "B" Day
Recess and Lunch are from 12:00-1:00

Check out this site for trying out some fun math games. (SEE LINK BELOW)


Monday, June 14 - Field Day and Student Council picnic

Wednesday, June 15 - Ellis Island field trip

Friday, June 17 - Word Masters Challenge #3


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