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Blue Ridge High School German teacher
Study your vocabulary every night until you know it!

New Policy:   You must stay 30 minutes after school every time you don't turn in your homework.  Two missed homework assignments would be an hour after school and 3 would be an hour and 30 minutes, etc.  Tuesdays and Thursdays will be the 2 days set aside to stay after school in my room to make this up.   Failure to attend the after school time will result in a referral.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Ch 5 German I
German I class 3A
German II Ch 1
German II class 2A
German III Ch 7
German III class 2B
Flex colors & #s
Flex Class 4B
Jepardy 1
German IV Class 2B
Flex Jepardy
German IV & Flex
Wir essen mehr als Brot.
German II, III, IV
Die Kleidung
German II, III, IV
Was ist das Gegenteil?
opposites quiz -- all
Past Tense
past tense quiz German II, III, IV
Das Haus
house quiz -- alll
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