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Templeton Middle School typing teacher
J.B. PRO. Skater

J.B. was only about five years old when he got his first
skateboard and began his life long career as a skater.  At first J.B.
did not know much about skating, but after many times of trial and
error he became a great skater.
After a couple of years J.B. became bored with just skating.
One day, when J.B. was skating, a man named Brian came to
watch him.  Brian became good friends with J.B., and soon taught
him how to jump over things on his skateboard.  J.B. was a natural
at jumping over things; he quickly learned how to jump over things
very quickly and very well. People came from all around to watch
J.B. jump.
J.B. was always trying to jump over bigger and better things.
J.B had his own skate park that he built in Templeton that he was
constantly making bigger. He also owned the largest skate shop in
the whole state.
 J.B. was always up for a good dare.  He loved to see the
excitement on people’s face when he would pull off their dares.  
One day a kid named Spencer dared J.B. to jump Templeton
Gorge, the biggest canyon in all of California.  If J.B. was to fall, it
would mean certain death, but J.B. still took the dare.  J.B. had to
first construct one of the biggest launch ramps ever built.  When
J.B. started building the ramp, everyone called him crazy and no
one thought he even had a chance of making it across the Gorge.  
After the ramp was completed people came from all around
the world to watch J.B.’s great jump.  J.B. hyped up the crowd and
prepared for his jump.  At the top of the huge ramp J.B. was
completing the final equipment check.  When everything was
ready,  J.B. let go of the hand rail and began ZOOMING down the
ramp as fast as a cheetah.  As J.B.’s skateboard left the ramp, you
could tell that something was terribly wrong.  J.B. had begun
falling forwards and smacked into the other side of the canyon.
The great skateboard legend had died.
Then from inside the canyon walls came a little echoing
voice that said, “I’m OK.”  J.B. had survived.  It was a miracle.  He
had landed on a cow, and it had broken his fall.  The Great J.B. had
lived on to skate another day.
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