bridgesmith3 Ms. Lara Bridgesmith
Hi guys!

Yep, I miss you!  In fact last night I had a dream about school and got to say hi to all of you.

Here are the practice activities that I have made over the semester for Spanish 3.  Hope it help you in your studying.

Can't wait for you to meet baby Iris!

Love you,
Ms. B.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Sp3 vocab ch1-a (pg 30-31)
Sp3 Vocab ch2 p62-63
Sp3 vocab ch3-A p96-97
Sp3 vocab ch3-b p103
Sp3 vocab ch4-a p128-129
Sp3 vocab ch4-b p135
Sp3 vocab ch5-a p162-163
Sp3 vocab ch5-b p169
Sp3 vocab p37
Sp3 vocab p69
Sp 3 Capítulo 2 Gramática
Sp3 vocab 62-63 Reading and Spelling practice
Sp3 vocab p37
Object Pronoun Practice
Preterite of tener, estar, poder, decir and dar
Preterite ~ Imperfect Practice
Ser or Estar Rules
Luz Roja ~ Luz Verde
Useful links
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