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Hello class!!!  1/13/00

Please complete quiz today. I revised quiz since I noticed some people were having trouble with it. For those of you who took the quiz, please improve your score by taking the revised quiz.

Here are some guidlines to make your research for this quiz more effiecient:

               1. View Quiz under web site:
               2. Click on first web site to start your
                   research.(cell alive)
                    ---Click on the following from the 
                        table of contents in the following
                   *Ouuch then oouch again for information
                    on phagocytosis
                   *Penicillin--Then click on "Rise of 
                    Antiobiotic Infection"
                   *Dividing Bacteria for Information on
                    phases of bacteria growth.
               3. Click on third listed web site for graph
                  of bacteria growth phases.
               4. Click on middle web site for information
                  on what bacteria eat,and their 
                  relationships with their environment
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