Brisbane Fire Department Capt. Tom McLaughlin
The Brisbane Fire Department is participating in the training program identified as Hazardous Materials Training for First Responders.  The program was developed by the Hazardous Materials Training Department for the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) through a grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).  Excercise quizzes from the work book are now available for firefighters to practice their hazardous materials first responder skills from this web site. 

Take the quiz if you want to refresh your skills with the hazardous materials first responders course.  The quiz will identify your correct answers and incorrect answers after you  enter the "submit" button at the bottom of the quiz.  Take the quiz as often as you want from any computer that can link to this web site.  

The quiz session is designed to track student grades and question research.  These are not official records, only research records for the development of this project.  The project goal is to develope a better method to track and manage continued education training for firefighters.  If you can think of any methods to improve this project, please send me an E-mail ans share your ideas.

I want to replace the diagrams that are in the handbook with comparable digital photography in the web site quizzes.  The digital photography will enhance the quizzes.  The project is new and expanding rapidly,so be patient. 

The intent of this training project is to offer all firefighters a better opportunity for more convienent training after the training class is completed.  This is a continued education project that can also help a student who is enrolled in the class or preparing to take the class. 

Training officers can contact me for more information about this training program and access to the quizzes.
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