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This is Brittany Walker's new new new webpage

All anyone cares about is who is going out! i know thats all you think about! All you do all day is sit there thinking about how you would look with that cute guy in your reading class! Then you cant concentrate so you dont get a passing grade!

      Whos Going Out?
Tony and Kathy (they'll probably go out through the year!)
Kristina and Michael(gilbert)
Audrey and brandon
Nick and Jessica r
Amy Selsor and Kyle Henderson
Lindsey and Jordan
Brittany and Graham!!!!!!!!( thats me!!!!!)Ü


     old couples
Allyssa and jordan
jessica and bobby
jessica and adrian
lindsey and matt
courtney and william
nick and courtney
nick and britt
nick and jacquline
nick and monica
mattand jessica
bobby and jessica
bobby and christy

?????????Question of the Week???????????
Do you belieive in Santa Claus?( this is a tuffie)

Tony still belaives in Santa Claus! i ruined his life by telling him the truth! OO no ive ruined everyones life! ???????????????another question????????
Have you ever seen santa claus?

Answers: Tony and i have both seen Santa Claus ! Tony saw him get stuck in the chimmney and i saw him eat the carrot i left out for the reindeer!
~~~~~~sry i cant think of anymore good jokes!!!!

(the words in this are supposed to be cuss words but i dont want to get in trouble so just replace them:-)

The summer is over and its time 4 secondgrade!teacher is mrs jones

mrss jones says" well johnny what did you do over the summer?"
Johnny says" i rode the chu chu train"
mrs jones says " NOW THAT UR IN 1ST GRADE YOU NEDD TO SAY THE TRAIN LIKE BIG PEOPLE DO. what about you little suziewhat did you do?"
little suzie said"i got on a horsey!"
mrs jones says " now that ur in 1st grade you need to say horse like big people.what did u do billy?"
billy says" i read a book."
"which book did u read? - mrs jones
billy says " winnie the shit"

heheh get it she was tellin them 2 use big people words so instead of winniwe the pooh its winnie the .....

hehe isn't that funny i think it is! if you dont get it im sorry! TO bad 4 u!

I have just enuf room 4 shout outs Yeah!
ann       katie              
jessica r
jessica s


ryan (i dont hate u!)
ben houghton (dont no u just talk 2 u on the internet!)
He plays basketball!

Hope you enjoyed my website! e-mail me i get really bored easily. Answer the question ! nobody answers the question but tony! and me! and i dont count!

IF YOU WANT to BE COOL READ THIS!-If you like softball or cheerleaders you are cool!You wanna know why?Sure u do ! im a softball player and cheerleader! two best sports in the world!

*\o/* - thats a cheerleader hehe

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