broganbulletin Miss Brogan
Sugartown Elementary School 5th Grade Teacher
Welcome to the Brogan Bulletin!  

Long-Term Assignments:
   1. Spelling test/Vocabulary test every Friday
   2. Social Studies projects due in 4 weeks          

Upcoming Events:
   Wed. Sept. 20: Picture Day
   Wed. Sept. 20: Open House and Camp Meeting 7:00pm
   Thur. Sept. 28: PARTNERS meeting at District Office
   Fri. Oct. 6: No school
   Mon. Oct. 9: No school
   Wed.-Fri., Oct 11-13: College Settlement Camp

Parent News:
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss something about school.  Communication is the key to a good year!

Thanks for the positive feedback and constant support I have been receiving thus far.  As a team we will make this year a successful one for your child!
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