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Dear Students,

Here is you assigment acivity for you to do.  First go to the weather channel web site and investigate the weather patterns of New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Fargo, Wichita, and Houston.  Write down the annual average tempatures of each city along with the summer time average tempatures.  From this information you will determine which city you would like to operate a lemonade stand. (You may want to visit the Census website to find out how many people are in each city.)  Go to the Little Jason Web page and play the Lemonade stand for 25 days.  Write down your earnings at the end of the 25 days.  Once you are finished playing, do the two activites included in this site.  Send all your answers and results to me via e-mail.

Students will be graded on completion of the project.  Data collection and organization along with presentation will be the criteria for credit.  Extra points can be earned based on money made in Lemonade Stand. 


You can take the money you earned from the lemonade stand and invest it in the stock market for 30 days.  Monitor and record the stock value everyday.  You can trade up to 10 times during the 30 days.  You may also buy more than one stock.  Send all you data to me via e-mail.

Good Luck and have fun.

Mr. Bronner
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