CAT III Issues & Strategies for Teaching LEP Students
Multicultural, ESOL and Program Services Department

Welcome to the Category III Issues & Strategies for Teaching LEP Students.

On this page, you will be able to:

-Complete course pre test

-Download content and assignments for each unit

-Access online required reading and articles

-Access additional online resources

-Complete Unit self-check activities (you will not need to submit results)

-Complete course survey

Unit 1 Intro Unit 1 Content Unit 1 Assignment

Unit 2 Intro Unit 2 Content Unit 2 Assignment

Unit 3 Intro Unit III Content Cummins Quadrant BICS CALP Unit 3 Assignment

Unit 4 Intro Unit 4 Content A Unit 4 Content B Elem Chart Secondary Chart Monitor Theory Article Unit 4 Assignment

Unit 5 Intro Unit 5 Content ESOL Strategies Matrix ESOL Strategies Matrix Addendum Unit 5 Assignment

Unit 6 Intro Unit 6 Content Unit 6 Assignment

Final Project Final Project Guidelines

My Quia activities and quizzes
Category III Pretest
End of Course Survey (CAT III Strategies for Teaching ELL Students 2012-2013)
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