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Glasgow Middle School 7th Grade English
Welcome to Mr. Brown's reading class.
  As this first long quarter draws to a close, students should realize they've accomplished a lot.  They just took their fourth vocabulary quiz and I was very pleased with the results.  We've read/heard many stories: "My Name", "All Summer in a Day", "Why Mosquitoes Buzz", "Mother Earth and Her Children", and "Why the Bat is an Outcast" among others.  For reading strategies we've practiced webbing, predicting, summarizing, visualizing, questioning, clarifying, sequencing, story mapping. In addition, students have been working with the Read Naturally and Breaking the Code programs, which are part of our weekly routine.

As stated in the letter in the packet that went home, this class focuses on content and vocabulary, reading strategies and content area support.  Speaking of vocabulary, there will be a quiz at least every two weeks. ¬†This page links to vocabulary games that have all the words we've studied. Use the games on this page to study the vocabulary for the quizzes -- the games include vocabulary from the beginning of the year as well as the new words.

This month we will be continuing our unit on folktales.  Look for the upcoming large assignments: 1. The favorite folkatale; 2. the Mythical Character; and 3. the create-your-own tale. 

Most of the homework in this class involves studying vocabulary words or reading the independent choice Accelerated Reader books (I'm told Accelerated Reader tests should be up next week).

Students gave their first book-talks, and most were impressive.  Look for the book club announcement in the first week of December.  ¬†

Keep on Reaching New Heights -- Whatever it Takes.

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