Dear students of the BRP course,

Please learn regularly and don't hesitate to ask questions.
In this programme you will find lots of exercises to help you practice the grammar, improve your knowledge of the business correspondence and to practise words you need to talk about the different topics.
Try out the exercises in the Quia programme and you will see you can get better!.

I wish you good luck and have fun.

Yours sincerely,


My Quia activities and quizzes
tenses : present tense simple
What happens every day? Practise the use of the present tense simple.
tenses : present simple : questions - negations
How do you ask questions? How do you say what you don't want to do?
tenses : present tense progressive
What is going on just now? Try out the following activities.
tenses : past tense simple
What happened yesterday? Can you do the following activities?
tenses : past simple : questions - negations
What did you do yesterday? Did you do my exercises? No, you didn't? Try them now!
tenses : past tense progressive
What were you doing all day long? You were doing all the activities - perfect!
tenses : present prefect tense simple
What has happened so far? Practise the sentences.
tenses : present perfect tense progressive
What has been going on üp to now? Test yourself? Can you do the following activities?
tenses : past perfect tense simple
What happend after you had seen him? Find out.
tenses : past perfect tense progressive
After you had been doing all htewse exercises I hope you didn't fall asleep.
tenses : future tense
What will you do one day? I think now you will do the exercises.
tenses : "going to form", the planned future
Are you going to play the games? You are going to succeed!
tenses : mixed exercises
How about trying out all tenses?
conditional I
Come on! You should try out these exercises.
conditional II
You should have tried out these exercises. They are easy.
tenses : modal verbs : must
Still not perfect? You will have to try more exercises.
tenses : modal verbs : can
With these exercises you will be able to improve your English.
tenses : modal verbs : may
You will be allowed to play all games many times and you will get better and better.
conditional clauses : type I
If you practise, you will get better.
conditional clauses : type II
If you practised, you would get better.
conditional clauses : type III
If you had practised, you would have got better. But it is still not too late.
conditional clauses : mixed exercises
Test your knowledge of conditional clauses! Just try!
passive voice : present simple - present progressive
Find out how to translate passive voice.
passive voice : past simple - past progressive
Do more passive exercises and find out how passive works in the past tense.
passive voice : present perfect
Have all the exercises already been solved? Perfect!
passive voice : past perfect
Were you happy after the exercises had been solved?
passive voice : future - going to form
I am sure all the exercises will be solved by you.
modal verbs : should, ought to
I think you ought to do more exercises with modal verbs.
modal verbs : must not - need not
Of course, you needn't do all exercises.
passive voice : "man"-translations
In German we have "man" to avoid the passive voice. In English this doesn't work!
reported speech : statements
I told you that all the exercises were so easy - so just do them!
reported speech : questions
I asked you if you had already done some exercises yet - I hope the answer was yes!
reported speech : commands and requests
I asked you nicely to do the exercises and I am sure you followed my advise.
gerund constructions "to succeed in"
Just try and you will succeed in doing this exercise.
gerund constructions : mixed exercises
Have you ever thought of doing even more exercises? Well, this is your chance to do it!
"lassen" constructions
I hope, you don't have all the exercises done by somebody else. You should do everything yourself!
"lassen" mixed exercises
I think it's so easy - so you needn't have everything explained. Just do the exercise!
business correspondence : inquiry
Test your knowledge of business phrases with the games.
business correspondence : offer
How about practising some offer phrases?
business correspondence : order
Try to do these exercises with order-phrases.
business correspondence : status information
How to get and give information about firms. Can you do that? Just try!
business correspondnece : complaint
What do you complain about? Do the exercises and see!
business correpondence : application
You would like to apply for a new job? Try the following exercises.
business correspondence : mixed phrases
Test your knowledge of business phrases.
business correpondence : gerund constructions
Are you interested in and keen on practising some gerund constructions?
inquiries : tenses : present - past
With the inquiry phrases you can once again revise the present and the past tense.
offers : tenses : past - present perfect
The offer phrases should help you to revise the past and present perfect tense.
orders : tenses : mixed tenses
With the order phrases you can practise all different tenses.
status inquiries : conditional clauses
If you do these exercises you can practise with prases for status inquiries the conditional clauses.
complaints : passive voice
The complaint phrases are used to practise passive constructions.
applications : reported speech
Application phrases are used for revising reported speech.
Tricky words
Test your knowledge of tricky words!
business letter : common mistakes
Go through the hit list of mistakes in business letters.
business phrases : prepositions
How about pracising tricky prepositions?
tricky words
Try to do the exercises with a few more tricky words.
letter : inquiry
See what an inquiry is composed of.
letter : offer
What are the elements of an offer?
letter : order
What should orders contain?
Words with a similar meaning
Finally try to find the matching words.
Practice the new words you need to talk about energy problems.
How about doing some exercises with words you need to talk about environmental pollution?
employment - unemployment
Where can you find jobs? Where do jobs get lost?
international trade
What do you know about exports and imports
new jobs
What's new on the labour market?
the European Union
What are the problems?
the euro
Do you like our new currency?
Where do all the tourists come from?
Do ou think advertising is good or bad?
How does marketing work?
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