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                       MONTHLY NEWS

Please read the entire calendar so you know what to do, when to come, when to return things, when not to come.
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- Tuition bill
- Lenten materials
- Child Lenten Calendar
- Adult Lenten Calendar
- Family Lenten Project –
40 days and 40 nights
- Lenten Book Mark w/Bible passages
- Peanut League Basketball
- Fliers (Earn Credit Opportunities)
- Valentine Family Dance
- St. Joseph Table
- Chinese Auction
- Saturday Afternoon Movie
- Easter Bunny Pictures
- Fish Fry
- Midnight to Morning Casino Trip
- 50th Anniversary of the School

- Scoliosis Checks Grades 4-7
- ACRE Religion testing Grs. 5 & 8
- Catholic Schools Week agenda
- School rules
- Thoughts on Lent
- Registration info for 2002-2003


February 4-8

Students in grades 4-7 will be screened for scoliosis  the week of February 4-8.  This will be done on the regularly scheduled gym day per grade.  Girls need to wear a halter top or bathing suit top under their gym uniform.  So the schedule reads as follows:
Gr. 7 on Thursday, February 7
Gr. 6 on Tuesday, February 5
Gr. 5 on Monday, February 4
Gr. 4 on Wednesday, February 6


When your child is sick and does not come to school,  you need to call the school office 973-278-8787 BEFORE 8:30AM and leave a message.  The message is to include:

- The name of the person calling and what relation to the child
- the name and grade of the child
- the reason for the absence

The answering machine is on everyday starting at 3:00PM.  So if you know in the middle of the night that our child will not be coming in call right away before you go back to bed.


There are regulation school uniform pants for girls.  You daughters can not just wear any gray pants they choose.  So if they are not uniform pants then put them back in skirts and blouses until you get uniform pants.


The shoe shoes have to be
- flat
- black
- tie
- oxfords

No zippered, buckled, loafer like, velcro shoes allowed.
There is a regulation set of gym clothes that have to be worn.  There are no exceptions. 
This includes a T-shirt with the school name on it, shorts, and sweat suit.


5:00PM to 7:30PM
for Grades PRE-K to 8
Where Faith and Knowledge Meet

Saturday, January 26: Opening Liturgy 5:30PM.  We gathered for prayer to give thanks to God for Blessed Sacrament Parish whose members make the sacrifices to maintain a Catholic School.  It is also the time to thank God for the families that support our school – that’s you!

Monday, January 28: Salute to Community Service People.  D.A.R.E. Graduation at 9:30AM.  Today we give special tribute to the men and women who work in roles of service to the community.

Tuesday, January 29: Salute to Volunteers.  Today we honor those men and women, parishioners and parents and friends of Blessed Sacrament who give TIME and TALENT in service to our students.

Wednesday, January 30: NATIONAL CATHOLIC SCHOOLS APPRECIATION DAY.  Today we join the entire country in singing the praises of Catholic School Education.  Science Fair Grades 1-4 tonight at 6PM

Thursday, January 31: Teacher Appreciation Day.  We salute our teaching staff who provides the best student attention in the world!  Half Day with noon dismissal – REPORT CARD NIGHT for grades Pre-K 4 to 8.  This is the 1st time that Kindergarten and Pre-K will be receiving report cards.  Doors open at 5:00PM and close at 7: 30PM.  Meet with teachers in the lunchroom area.  Use E. 16th St. door.  Kindergarten Parents go to the kindergarten homeroom and PreK Parents to Pre-K homeroom.

Friday, February 1: Student Appreciation Day.  Today is a dress up day –FREE- students need not wear their uniforms.  There is a special dessert for all students at lunch and a VERY special SPELLING BEE RUN OFF at 11:00AM

Saturday, February 2: We Celebrate the future and bring Catholic Schools Week to a close with our 8th grade Ring Ceremony at 5:30PM in Church.  Come and pray with our 8th graders as they take another step closer to high school.

By January 31

Last day is Thursday, January 31.  The gift is to be NEW, NEVER USED, OR OPENED and worth at least $35.00 OR you can give $35.00 and the committee will do the shopping.  As suggested from the beginning of the year, we wanted you to LOOK FOR SALES so that you can get what we want for less.  What are we looking for?  Just about anything and everything BUT NO CLOTHING –it doesn’t move.  Some of the items we have had in the past: Appliances, Mikasa items, Toys, Tableware, Cameras, Tools, Theme Baskets, Sports Equipment, and Furniture. 
Call Mrs. Gennarelli if you have an idea or two that you would like to run by her.
If you have ideas for theme Baskets we could use them.  EACH HOMEROOM class works on a theme basket as the “student gift” to the event.

February 2, 2002

The Student Council hosts Saturday afternoon at the movies.  It for students in grades Pre-K4 through 4th grade ONLY.  We would ask that you send for your tickets by January 31 so we know how much popcorn to make.  (See flyer)

Begins February 4, 2002
Participation is VOLUNTARY.  Students earn money by doing math problems.  This supports St. Jude’s Children’s research Hospital.  All children who go there are treated for free.  St. Jude specializes in children with cancer.
1) Parents’ permission is needed for a student to participate.  This form is due back by Friday, February 8.
2) All pledge money is due February 25th.

Janaury 24th to February 7th
Begins Thursday, January 24th and ends Thursday, February 7.  It is a VOLUNTARY PROGRAM and it runs like the Fall Christmas sale ran.  Any family that sells $50 or more gets one full 22 credit.

WE NEED CHECKERS – parents that go over each order to make sure all the info is correct and that the amounts match.  We need these parents for the week of February 11.  (See flyer)

February 11-12
Blessed Sacrament School is first and foremost a Catholic School.  Our primary concern in education is to communicate the basic truths of the Catholic Faith.  The ACRE test help us  to assess how we are doing and how the students are learning.

February 13th is Ash Wednesday.
Services at Blessed Sacrament
Tuesday Feb. 12 at 7:30PM
Wednesday Feb. 13 at 7:30AM, 2:15PM,
and 7:30PM
Stations of the Cross every Friday at 7:30PM

While Christmas gets the fanfare, as Christians, we are really an EASTER PEOPLE and Lent is that time during which we prepare ourselves for our SALVATION.  During LENT we are called to take a SPIRITUAL VACATION AND SPIRITUAL ASSESSMENT – are we really living the faith we profess?  Then we are called to make NEW RESOLUTIONS about HOW we will live the next year as followers of Christ.

WHAT DOES THIS SPIRITUAL VACATION INCLUDE?  Lent is a time to incorporate four things:
1. Sacrifice – Are we really in control?  Or do the things that please us most control our lives?  Can we say NO because we love Jesus MORE?

2. Prayer – How can we call Jesus friend and never converse with him?  Friends spend as much time together as they can and when they do, they speak; they share.  Is your friendship with the Lord down to the bare minimum?  Do you only know Him when you need something?

3. Study – The life long job of every believer is to learn as much as one can about God.  What better source then through the BIBLE – God’s word inspired.  Do you watch the news every day?  Read the newspaper everyday?  A magazine or novel everyday?  A puzzle everyday?  What about the GOOD BOOK EVERYDAY?  Do you really know what God has been trying to tell you?

4. GOOD DEEDS – What good are words without action?  Why is it that during the Christmas rush we are “a little kinder, a little blinder to the faults of those around us?  Can we love and praise a little more?  Can we be a little meeker with the person who is weaker?  Can we think more of our neighbors and a little less of me?”  FAITH WITHOUT ACTION is worthless.  You say it all the time: TALK IS CHEAP.  PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS.  Lent is a time to develop good habits of kindness, gentleness, caring and sharing.

To help you and your family celebrate Lent the following items have been enclosed in this month’s packet:

ONE CHILDREN’S LENTEN CALENDAR for hanging where the kids and Mom and Dad can see it every day

ONE ADULT LENTEN CALENDAR just for Mom and Dad (Spanish copies available at the 9:30AM Spanish mass on Sunday)

ONE BOOKMARK called “With the Cross of Jesus” that has a Bible Passage for each of the 40 days of Lent.

ONE FAMILY PROJECT called “ 40 days and 40 nights” that can be done at dinner.  It is traveling with Noah through lent.  There is a table centerpiece that remains on the table all of lent.  Every night the family gathers to read the bible passage and then the meditation from the “40 days 40 nights” book.  The stickers are put in place and help mark the days of Lenten.

February 14

This dance is sponsored by the Student Council and is for students in grades 5-8.  It runs from 7PM to 10PM.  tickets are $5.00.  Each student is allowed to bring a guest, who has to arrive at the same time.

We need CHAPERONES.  No adults- no dance.

February 14
Our tag Day proceeds always go to feed the hungry.  Participation is optional.  WEAR READ and it costs $1.00.  Don’t want to wear red? It costs $2.00

Saturday, February 16, 2002

If you survived the New Years Eve Party then you’ll enjoy this gathering too.  BUT…Did you miss the world’s best New Year’s Eve Party because you didn’t get your tickets fast enough?

Don’t let it happen again!  Be there!

Tickets are available NOW through the school office: $15 Single; $20 - Couple; $25 – Family

Do you have a child ready for
Prek-4?  Kindergarten?
We want to take care of our school families first!
Due back February 11, 2002

     Yes it is that time of year again.  This year BEFORE you sign your NEW TUITION CONTRACT and NEW ACTIVITY LIST you will have to read the handbook first and see if you can abide by what it says, otherwise you cannot re-register your child.  The entire HANDBOOK holds important things that you will be accountable for.

Before we open our doors to NEW registrations it is very important that we have our school families taken care of.  Here we go:

PRE-K registration: A child is eligible for PRE-K if he/she is four years old BEFORE OCTOBER 31, 2002.

KINDERGARTEN registration: A child is eligible for KINDERGARTEN if he/she is five years old BEFORE OCTOBER 31, 2002.

ALL students need to have on file the following information otherwise we cannot take them on as new or re-register them:
- Social Security Number
- Birth Certificate
- Up-to-date Immunization records
- Baptismal certificate (if Catholic)
- Telephone number
- Street Address (not a PO BOX)
- At least ONE emergency back-up person that is available to pick up a child when Mom and Dad cannot.

Contracts will be available in March for the rest of the student body.

Mario Borda and Candy Garcia are hosting a Late night to early morning casino trip.  Details to follow.  For now we need to know just how interested you are?  So far we have about 15 people. 


WAYNE MANOR –Rte 23 South
Friday, MARCH 1, 2002
Doors Open 5:30PM    Dinner Starts 7:00PM

Besides the wonderful prizes that decorate the evening the grand drawing of our 50/50 will take place.  $30.00 per person.  The meal alone is well worth the price of the ticket!  And the 500 people that have come every year will attest to a MOST WONDEFUL EVENING!

So…you would rather work than party?  The Chinese Auction needs a lot of workers.  See the attached flyer for info.  The Planning MEETING is February 6, 2002 in the lunchroom at 7:30PM. 

The jobs?

Feb. 22 - Volunteer to decorate the Class
Baskets 7:30PM
Feb. 28 – Come to the Convent and help load
the Truck – 7:00PM
March 1 -The day of the Auction
-    Help Set Up at the Wayne Manor
from 9AM to 3PM
- Be a runner that night from
7PM to 11 PM.
Runners bring the gifts from one
ballroom to the other so wear
comfortable shoes.
- Be a Raffle Seller from 5:00PM to

Fill out flyer; come to the meeting

Friday, April 2002. (rescheduled)

This is another opportunity to EARN ACTIVITY CREDIT and have a good meal. 


3:30PM – Set the tables in the lunchroom

5:30-7:30PM – At least six (6) adults in the kitchen to prepare the individual dishes to serve.  Two (2) servers to dispense soda.  Also adults to take care of bringing dishes to the tables and adults to help with the carry out section.

7:30-8:30PM – CLEAN UP time to put everything back in order.

BAKERS – we need dessert-size portions of your favorite cakes.

AND OF COURSE – we need people to come and eat.  The tickets are $12.00 each.  The dinner includes: A LARGE portion of fried fish served with cold slaw, tarter sauce, lemon, pickles, french fries and bread, dessert and beverage.

THERE IS CARRY OUT – for the same price you can pick up an entire meal and enjoy it at home.

WE ARE ACCEPTING DONATIONS FOR ALL THE ITEMS WE ARE USING SO THAT THE PROFIT GAINED WILL BE GREATER.  (See flyer.)  It’s a wonderful meal and a great time to share in some good conversation.  Join us.

MARCH 10 at 7PM

This is an excellent opportunity for the entire family to come and make Lent even better by going to confession.

Fr. Richard has seven (7) Priests come for 1st Penance and invites all of you to give our 1st Communicants some good example.

MARCH 10, 2002

St. Joseph, husband of Mary and foster father of  Jesus, has a special place in the hearts of many people.  St. Joseph is the patron of a happy death, workers, and fathers.  With this in mind we join the parish community of Blessed Sacrament in the celebration of the feast of
St. Joseph on March 10, at what we have come to know it as, a “traditional St. Joseph Table Dinner and Baked Goods Auction.”

The dinner is a good old fashion spaghetti and meatball dinner with salad, bread, beverages, and dessert.  Tickets are $.10.00/person.

As part of the days activities there is an AUCTION of homemade baked goods.  It’s amazing how much a loaf of Italian bread can cost when the $$$ goes to charity.

We need you to help.
-    Sell tickets to the event .
- We need a decorating crew to meet  on Friday March 9  at 7:30PM to set tables and set up the shrine to St. Joseph
- We need HOME MADE BAKED SPECIALITIES and food items to auction off.

If you are baking we are looking for HOMEMADE specialties – the kind that are made only at special times of the year or for special events. 

- Make your specialty
- Decorate it to make it visibly attractive
- Put it on a disposable dish
- Cover with clear saran wrap – give it a name and description (eg.  Italian finger cookies,  Biscotti, 5-cheese cheese cake, Torta Hispana, Flan, Pie de Manzana, Apple Pie, coconut macaroons,  Pizzapiena, Torta Helada, Spinach Pie, Jamaican Rum Cake,
- Bring it to the lunch room between 2:00PM and 4:00PM on Saturday, March 9

If you are NOT a baker, maybe you are wine maker or maybe you can make a theme food basket – A Pasta Basket complete with everything you’d need to put on a pasta meal, or a Party Basket with all the different types of beverages and munchies or even an Easter basket of goodies.

March 8 through March 22

Every year standardized testing is given to the child to see how much knowledge they have gained.  A Child can prepare for this testing by
- doing his/her homework everyday
- paying attention in class
- study what is taught each day

Testing begins at 8:30AM every morning and this is for students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.

This year grade 7 will be taking the long answer test.  This type of test not only test knowledge but how well a student can explain why the answer chosen is correct or explain step by step how the answer came to be.

As of January 25 there will be an Easter break UNLESS we lose too many days to bad weather.  As it stands Easter break begins with a half-day schedule on March 27th.  Students return on April 8.

You always read on the calendars that contain days off a little note that says “OR SNOW MAKE UP DAY.”

We have been blessed with a very mild winter so far.  (And may it stay that way)  BUT if the weather turns bad and we lose to many days you will be hearing from Sr.Joanne that we have to make up days.


As of January 28th we are officially into the second half of the academic year.  It is important FOR YOU to help US keep the children focused on their studies.  “It’s not over until it’s over” and school is far from being over.

Some of you received notice already that if certain behaviors and academic habits don't change, Summer School may be in the picture.

Sr. Joanne and the entire staff really do feel that EVERY CHILD is capable of passing grades. BUT we also see that the students that CHOOSE NOT TO PASS.

Summer school Is for the month of July.  Students needing summer school because they have failed a subject HAVE TO ATTEND HERE.  There is a $50.00 registration fee and the cost is $650.  The students meet every day for 4 hours from  June 24th to July 26th.  Why so expensive?  Unlike classes during the year Sr. Joanne has to hire full time teachers who work in groups of 2 to 5 students.  There is to a lot of work to get done.

Don’t let your child waste his school time with the hope of summer school make up.  They can do it NOW!
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