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Welcome to Mrs. Buettner's Third Grade at Dartmouth!

Here's what new for the week of December 11, 2000:

Monday, December  11 - This is an unusual week.  We are on a different schedule until Thursday's holiday program for the PTA.  If parents want to come for lunch, we are eating at 11:15 am this week. Homework:  Spelling unit practice worksheet.

Tuesday, December 12 - The students will make window pane cookies today.  Look for these interesting and tasty treats to come home on Wednesday.  Homework:  Math page; see planner. 

Wednesday, December 13 - Library check-out day.  Students are finishing their holiday research projects.  We will start presenting them tomorrow.  Homework:  Math page - see planner.

Thursday, December 14 -  Our students will see the musical holiday program at an assembly in the cafeteria first thing this morning.  Homework:  Math page; see planner.

Friday, December 15 -  After  research presentations, we will begin our gingerbread houses.  They will be completed next Monday and Tuesday.    Homework:  Continue to read 20 minutes each day and log the minutes in the daily planner toward our goal of 600 minutes before the holiday break.

***Parents and Students:  Due to lack of interest in this web-site, I will be closing this home page down after this week.  The web page has averaged less than 10 hits per week this fall.  The work involved to keep it up and running is not justified for so few visits.  I will assume that the weekly folder is providing sufficient information, and everyone feels fully informed, so this web page is likely duplicating things you already know.  Thanks for logging in!
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