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My Quia activities and quizzes
practice the colors (II)
clothing (II)
body parts
el cuerpo (II)
question words
all the question words are here (II)
Reflexive Verbs
19 reflexive verbs (II)
Direct and Indirect object pronouns
d.o. and i.o. practice (II)
nationalities you should know
all nationalities (II)
tener expressions
tener expressions (II)
i, j, u, uve, and y preterite
irregular preterite definition practice
tortilla preterite
practice your tortilla preterite definitions
preterite test review
study the preterite for the test
II La Catrina Character Quiz
characters from La Catrina II
La Catrina 1-4 vocabulary
LC 1-4 vocab (II)
La Catrina 5-10 Vocabulary
LC 5-10 vocab (II)
La Catrina 11-14 Vocabulary
LC 11-14 Vocab (II)
Reflexive verbs quiz (II)
los 19 verbos reflexivos (II)
El Cuerpo (II)
partes del cuerpo (II)
stem-changing verbs
practice all e to i, e to ie, o to ue, and u to ue definitions here
Animales I
animals 1 (II)
animales II
animals 2 (II)
Por vs. Para
practice your "por vs. para" skills here
Chapter 1, Ser/Estar, Por/Para Test Preparation
3K Test Preparation
art and artists (III-K)
Preterite Verbs Review
III-K La Catrina Character Quiz
characters from La Catrina III-K
La Catrina: El Último Secreto
vocabulario de la catrina
WEIRDO Subjunctive Triggers
formal command quiz: session formal command quiz
Spanish III-K Verb Quiz: session prueba de los verbos del eoc 3
Spanish II Verb Quiz: session prueba de los verbos del eoc 2
Reflexive verbs quiz (II): session prueba de los verbos reflexivos
La Catrina: El Último Secreto: session prueba de la catrina 3
Direct and Indirect object pronouns: session prueba de los objetos
El Cuerpo (II): session prueba del cuerpo
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