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Burger Middle School Professeur de français
Bienvenue! Welcome to CHEZ BURGER, another one of Monsieur Johnson's exciting websites for Burger French students. Parents and friends are also welcome to participate. The games and activities at this site have been developed to help you build your vocabulary and improve your French. Amusez-vous!

Click on the "Useful links" below to play games and write to pen pals and classmates in French. (All messages are monitored by your teacher.)

Remember, you can earn extra credit by taking FUNBRAIN quizzes. Incroyable! (Don't forget the password:"VOITURE".)

EPALS: This year our seventh grade students are corresponding with students from the Collège Elsa Triolet in Paris. Their teacher's name is Mme Manoilov. Check out Madame Manoilov's FUNBRAIN activities down below. They're great!!!
Useful links
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