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Hello My Little Chickadees!

For all of you dedicated darlings that continue to use this page for the websites, I have created a new page for 3rd grade.  The address is the same except for where you type 2nd grade to get to this page, type 3rd grade to get to the new page.  See you soon!


Mrs. Waugh

Construction of 3rd Grade Site.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

We have another chick!!!!  She struggled for quite a while so Mrs. Herrin helped her out.  She's in the incubator squeaking and drying off.  I know you are all probably in bed, but I wanted to let you know.  See you tomorrow!

Kline - Problem Solving 8-8
Waugh - Workbook Pages 45 and 46.
All: Flash Multiplication Facts for 10 minutes.

Reading: Complete Reading Word Search.  Read 15 minutes. 

Don't forget to record minutes read on your regular Mathletes/Reading calendar and Mrs. Montag's Laps for Literacy calender.

Language Arts:  

Social Studies:

Science:  Read pages B46 - B49.  Write definitions for revolve, orbit, constellation, planet, and solar system.  (This goes on the lined paper provided.)  Then create a picture that includes a visual of all terms. Label the terms on the picture. (This is to be done on the black construction paper provided.)  Due Thursday.

Please keep "steps to correctly answer a question" in your "study area" at home so you can have them when you need them.  We will be using them frequently.


You may go to eduplace.com and continue some of the activities we started today.  The link is at the bottom of the page.  Continue using the home row keys as you type.

Have a great evening!


Mrs. Waugh

Homework: Complete landform worksheet (both sides).
Complete spelling page 68. 

Look at the clock several times this evening.  Tell what time it is.  If it is after the "30", tell the time 2 ways.  Example: 7:50 or 10 til 8.  Ask your parents if you're right.  Then give yourself a pat on the back.

NOTES:  Please sign the bottom part of your Interim Report and return it to me tomorrow.  I need these from numbers 1, 14, and 17

Upcoming Events:

February 20th: 1st Conference Evening
February 28th: Class Basket Items Due/Our Theme is "Cooking With Class"
March 8th :      Krazy Karnival 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Reading:  "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" 

Vocabulary:  matador     plains     manners     relax     vacation     captured     imagination

Poetry:  "Presidents"

Phonics: /oo/ oo and ue

All 100 second grade and 30 first grade spelling words have been taught and tested!  Students are responsible for those words and a complete list is in their green folder.  We will now be doing spelling units based on phonics.  Discuss the phonics rule with your parents.

Spelling Week 23: blue     too     glue     zoo     room     clue     due     rooftop     true     noontime

Bonus Words:  valley     peninsula     plain     river     gulf

Math:  Continue unit on Money and Time

Health/Science:  Continue unit on Medicines and Drugs

Social Studies:  Landforms

Have a great week!


Mrs. Waugh
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