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Western Hills High School Computer Applications Instructor

Web Page Design Project 1

You are to create a minumum of 10 web pages designed to inform people of one of the following topics:
1. Documentary (No sports)
2. Country Discovery: Information about a country you have never lived in. You may not do either Mexico or Canada either.
3. Instructional Web pages about an activity or topic.

1. Your first page must contain a link to all of your other pages. All other pages must be linked back to your first page.
2. You may use only two colors for the backgrounds of your pages. You may not use black or white for your background.
3. You must have at least 1 animated gif.
4. You must have a minimum of 1 picture and a maximum of 3 graphics per page.
5. 60% of each page must be text.
6. There must be at least 2 different sizes of text per page.
7. Text will be some color other than black or white.
8. You must include a table that is created using HTML and is not a graphic.
9. You must include a link to an outside web site such as CNN.

Before you begin working on writing the HTML, you must design and layout ALL the web pages on the individual 4X6 cards. Only 1 page per card.

Grading Guidelines
Objective guidelines: The instructor will have a check sheet to make sure that all of the above mentioned requirements are met. As the instructor reviews each student’s page, the check sheet will be filled out.
Subjective guidelines: It is impossible to grade web pages on layout, readability etc. without being subjective. To make this more fair each student’s web pages will be judged by a panel of their peers. There will be at least 4 panels of students judging your work. Guidelines will include but not be limited to: readability, layout, logical progression, professionalism, etc.

The instructor reserves the right to modify the assignment as he feels necessary.

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