busedu Mrs. Wright
  Vocational Education Instructor
Mrs. Wright's Classroom Philosophy

As a future secondary education teacher, my philosophy of classroom management and student discipline includes my commitment to providing a challenging, well-organized learning environment.  In this learning environment my students will have rules and procedures to follow. I will present those rules along with the consequences for choosing not to fillow my rules as well as rewards for consistently obeying them.  However, I do not believe in rewarding students for doing something that they are supposed to do such as come to school prepared each day for class, conductiong themselves as responsible young ment and women, and treating those around them with respect.  Althought I do believe that student's behavior can be shaped using secondary reinforcers, such as special privileges, and praise for a job well done as stated in the behavior analysis theory.  i will model appropriate behavior by building a sound foundation for classroom management by always arriving at school prepared and ready to teach.  i plan to provide my students with the most current information in my teaching field, which will be accomplished, through my participation in classes, conferences, workshops, and pursuing an advanced degree.  i want to make learning fun by inventing creative ways to teach my subject matter.  it is my belief that through my dedication and hard work, my students will enjoy learning, feel secure and know what is expected of them.
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