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Assignment on the Great Depression:

Spend some time looking at the following links listed below.  Read what it was like living through the Great Depression.  What were the times like, what was the "Dust Bowl."  Read about the lives of the people involved. Some of the websites are more involved than others.  Copy and paste important notes into Microsoft Word.

We will be studying this time period in detail and you will be writing a minimum two-page essay (typed/double-space, font no larger than 12) on Life During the Depression.  What would it have been like for you to live during this timeperiod.  What did you like to do?  Did you work?  Where did you live?  Also take facts from the video we watched in class.  Don't forget to give background leading up to the Depression.

If you would like to do a different type of assignment:  ex:  work with a partner, write a journal or diary, put on a skit, create a video, interview someone who has lived through the depression--make sure you see me first for permission.
Useful links
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