businessenglish Mrs. Bridges
Ponchatoula High School Business English Teacher
The following learning games have been created just for you to help you understand the rules of grammar better.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Posessive Pronouns
Learn to use posessive singular/plural pronouns.
Nominative/Objective Pronouns
Choose the correct case pronoun to complete the sentence correctly.
Predicate Agreement with Subjects
Choose correct verb or pronoun to agree with subject (noun).
Parts of Speech
Play hangman with definitions of parts of speech.
Workbook--Prepositions and Conjunctions
Practice choosing the correct prepositions.
Nom/Obj Pronoun Quiz
Adjectives that Cannot be Compared
Adjectives that Cannot be Compared
More Adjectives
Quotation Marks, Underscore, Parentheses, and Apostrophe
Section 5.5
Practice 6.1
Test 1
Subject/Predicate Agreement 4.6
Section 4.6 Ageement in number and gender
Section 4.7 Learn Adj/Adv
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