Business Management Ms. Joyce
Spring Creek High School
Good Afternoon! It is Friday, December 14 and hopefully I will be in sunny, not rainy, New Orleans. The thought of being below sea level when it rains--for a nonswimmer--is scary to me.

The number one thing you are going to be doing today is reviewing for your test on Tort Law. The test will be next Tuesday. After the test, you will be having a pizza party--we hope. Please go over the work you have hopefully turned in from Chapter 4. If you did not turn this assignment in, please do so. If you do not remember it any more, see one of your classmates, they will be able to tell you. It will have some points taken off, but that is better than a zero, plus it will help you know the material. Using this material and your text, you will find the following file on your H: drive: Who Wants to be a Millionaire.ppt I hope I rememembered everyone. One person I am worried about is Ariel. Has your user name been working okay? Please let Ms. Nash know. I think there must be a problem with your user name. If you don't have the file, please work with a partner, Ariel. I'm sorry about that.

This is a template, so when you finish, save the file with a DIFFERENT NAME. You should be familiar with PowerPoint from Computer I. I know that Jessica and Rob can be of assistance along with many others of you. You will go into the template and replace the questions and answers with actual questions and answers that would help review Tort Law. You may also use the references that I mentioned above. You may change the background, graphics, etc. Ms. Nash can get the CD for more graphics for you. We also have a huge book with 5 CD's or so of clip art you may pick from. You may work with A (ONE) partner. Include the name(s) of your creator(s) on the first slide. Remember to save with a new file name, use Save As. There is sound, so you may want to turn your speakers up for the next part. After you have created your show, travel around from show-to-show and practice someone else's game. See how well you know or can get to know the material. Ms. Nash and another teacher will be in here to monitor your participation. You will be graded on creating your game and by how many other games you were able to try.

If you finish designing your game show and playing at the least two others, you may go on to the following assignments: Do the Language of the Law on pages 69-70.

Skim over the chapter, pages 62-68.

Questions for Review, page 70.

Your leadership points earned will be determined by the report from your teachers. Enjoy your weekend.

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