busybees Mrs. Luckett
Locust Corner Elementary School grade Two - 2000 - 01
August, 2000

Dear ____________________________,

          My name is Mrs. Luckett and I am to be your second grade teacher.  I am looking forward to the first day of school and to having you in my class.
          I hope you are having a wonderful summer break. Between now and the time school starts, try to make some journal entries to share with your friends about your summer activities.  It will be fun to share when we meet on the first day of school.
           If you are planning a special shopping trip to buy supplies for school,  you may  want to share this letter and the list of supplies  with your parents.

           For Second Grade you will need:
                   1. scissors
                   2. set of colored pencils
                   3. a box of 16 crayons
                   4. washable markers
                   5. 10 pencils
                   6. 3  pocket folders (red green blue}
                   7. 3 glue sticks

   Enjoy the rest of your summer.  I will be working at school at different times before school starts.  If you make a visit to school before the first day, take to to stop and see our room.  Mrs. Wessel will be able to tell you if our room is open.

                                  Your Teacher,

                                  Mrs. Luckett
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