butlersfac Mrs. Butler
South Forrest Attendance Center firstgrade teacher
Welcome to Mrs. Butler's web page.  You will find spelling words and homework assignments, as well as, upcoming events listed on this page.

Reading- Read nightly on your weekly story.  Write down any unknown words and bring them to school.

Phonics-  Do your phonics sheets and review them with an adult each night.  Make sure to explain the activity to your adult to demonstrate your understanding of the activity.

English-  Write a story each night about the day's happenings.  Remember to use capital letters and punctuation correctly.

Math- Write from 50-100 on Monday night.
Tuesday-  write addition problems for the 1's, 2's,doubles and 9's.  Wednesday-  write to 100 by 2's, 5's, and 10's.
Thursday-  measure each family member and write their height in inches and centimeters.

State testing will be next week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Make sure you have 2 #2 pencils to use each day.

Nine weeks test will be on May 17, and May 18.  Please plan any dentist or doctor appointments around these days.Thank you.
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