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Barbourville Independent Schools 2nd Annual Science Fair
May 8-12, 2000

Attention Chemistry I Students:

Everyone is required to complete a science fair project.  The project may either be experiemental or display/demo in nature.

Experiments require that you ask a question, gather information about the question, design and carry out an experiment to find the answer to the question, and finally present all this information in an organized manner on a diplay board.

Displays/demonstrations require that you select a topic and become an expert on the topic.  You must thoroughly research the topic, write a paper on the topic using MLA documentation, and create a display board to inform others about the topic.  Also, you must build something or in some other way demonstrate the principles or concepts behind your topic as a supplement to your display board.

On first glance, doing a display may sound easier, but really it is not!  Both will require the same amount of intensive work, however, one is more experimental while the other is more research based.

Use the links below to find ideas.  Write down at least 5-10 that would be appropriate for your age group.  All project ideas must be approved by me before you can get started.

Due Wednesday:  A 1-page typed (double spaced) science fair project proposal describing your topic and what you plan to do concerning the topic, including experimental design ideas.

Good Luck!
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