bycwday Mrs. Schwimmer
  One of the Facilitators for Bring Your Child to Work Day, CFTC Chicago, 2000.
New for 2001!

My regular visitors may try out the glossary of futures and options -- over 400 terms! There are several activities: flashcards (so you can learn the terms); matching; concentration; and word search.

Tip: If you want to share a word search with your class, print out the page before you start working the puzzle and then print it out after you finish. You will have a fresh game to copy for class and an answer sheet! Have fun!


Summer 2000

Bring Your Child to Work Day 2000 was a big success, thanks to our fun visitors and all the people who worked hard to host our guests.

Some people asked that I leave the activities online for a while longer.

I suggest starting with 1 - Futures Study Guide. The words that you will learn and practice there come up in later activities!

Thanks to all the visitors and to everyone who helped with the year 2000 event!

My Quia activities and quizzes
1 - Futures Study Guide
Start here to practice and learn some words that you will need in later activities.
A Day at CFTC
A list of things that people use or do in the office. Can you guess the word before the hangman finishes drawing?
Futures Contracts
Two games about futures contracts on Chicago exchanges. One is Concentration and the other is Word Search.
Futures Facts
Choose the correct word from the pop-up list to complete the sentence.
Futures Sentences with Word Jumble
One word in each sentence is scrambled. Can you put it back together correctly?
Futures Challenge: Advanced
You can play this alone, with a friend, or on teams. Take the challenge!
Short Words about the Office
This is for the younger crowd! But it's not necessarily easy. These are 3 and 4 letter words about the office, things you do in the office, or things you use in the office. See if you can guess the word before the hangman finishes drawing!
Futures and Options Glossary
New for 2001: Over 400 terms are listed for this futures and options glossary! Activities include flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search. Become familiar with the terms while playing!
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